Christ’s Church at Tiffin began when two families, having moved to Tiffin in the late 1970’s, began to prayerfully discuss the need for an Independent Christian Church in the community.  After some preliminary meetings and Bible studies the decision was made to start a new church, with the first official service held on September 28, 1980 at Krout Elementary School.
Our current property was purchased in 1982.  We moved into our building in November of 1985.  The fellowship hall was added in 1990 and the ministry annex added in 2004. 
Many people have come and gone over the years, but right around 200 people now call Christ’s Church their church home.    
Christ’s Church at Tiffin is an independent, non-denominational, self-governing church affiliated with the Independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ – a fellowship of  6000 churches rooted in the Restoration Movement.  (Restoration Movement churches trace their history to the early 1800’s, when there was a desire to disconnect from denominational ties and “restore the church” to it’s first century beliefs and practices as found in the Bible.)